How to update VLC media player


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VLC media player is being used worldwide for watching videos and movies. If you are thinking of updating this software on your desktop, laptop or mobile, there is good news for you that the company releases new updates every year to this software so that you can get new functionality and improve your video player. You can undertake the following two ways to update VLC media player.
Before starting the following procedures make sure that your internet connection is on.

Updating from the help menu
1. First, you have to go to your VLC Media Player and select Help Menu on the top and then click on “Check for Updates”

2. If there is an update available, you will get a notification telling you that a new version is available and in the below, you will get an option written Do you want to download it?

3. Now you have to click yes button and select a folder to save the download.

4. When the downloading is done, you will get a notification telling you “The new version was successfully downloaded. Do you want to close VLC and install it now?”

5. You have to click on the install button and the new version of VLC media player will start installing. It takes a fewer second or less than a minute.

6. If you received an MSVCR71.dll missing error, please download the latest version of MSVCR71.dll file and install it in the Windows system directory

7. You will get a notification to click either on upgrade VLC using previous settings (recommended) or change settings (advance) and you have to make sure that the first upgrade button is selected.

8. Then click on next button in the below and again click on the next button.

9. It will take a fewer second to launch and then you will get a finish button. You will get a notification “Run VLC media player” and then click on finish button. You will see a new window of the VLC media player.

10. Make sure you have downloaded and installed your media player properly on your device.

11. To check whether you have the new version of VLC media player go to VLC media player select help button and click on check for updates.

12. If you get a notification that you have the latest version of VLC media player, you simply close it. But if you want to check for updates again click on the recheck version.

Now you have the newest version of VLC media player on your desktop, laptop or mobile. You will see a little bit change from the oldest version of your VLC media player after updating this.

Updating from an official VLC website

This is the easiest way to update your VLC media player from online. You just have to browse the official VLC website typing on a browser and click on the blue button showing download VLC. It will start downloading and you will have to install it manually. You can directly download a new version 32 bit or 64-bit VLC media player from this official website.


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